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News Date: 2022-03-31 00:00:00 +0000

I would like to announce that our ADA for Warriors (4WARD) Cardano pool will be donating 25% of it’s operator rewards to Captive Audience. Donations will be made during the last epoch of each month that our pool was active. (Follow our donations on our Captive Audience Donations page.)

About a year ago, I met Billy Jensen and Check Freedman, the founders of Captive Audience, at Kore Krav Maga in Ashburn. They created Captive Audience to provide security, travel, self-defense, firearms, and survival courses designed to develop the skills needed to maintain situational awareness and survive in kidnapping, extortion, active shooter, natural disaster, and crisis situations at home and abroad.

Requests for their services have spiked since Russia invaded Ukraine in early 2022. In response to these requests, Captive Audience has started #OperationCaffeinatedVikings.

To quote their website:

"The Russian invasion into Ukraine has seen countless lives turned upside down overnight, with attacks on evacuating civilians and reports of vital lifelines to refugees, families, and children cut off. In the past two weeks, the Captive Audience team has received requests from Ukrainians to evacuate a 2-week-old starving baby who was without food or water for 30 hours. Another request came to help excavate 200 Christians trapped in the basement of a burning church, after a rocket demolished the church building above them.

These are just two examples of many amidst the worst humanitarian crisis Europe has seen since World War II. The scale of the Ukrainian crisis can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to know how to help.

Captive Audience is an organization with deep ancestral ties to Ukraine and has worked closely with towns, churches, synagogues, UN/EU missions, missionaries, orphanages, and other community groups to provide humanitarian aid in Ukraine and other parts of the region since 2009.

We have been directly requested by several of those same communities to provide boots-on-the-ground emergency aid and training in emergency response skills. But we need your help to get there.

By supporting Captive Audience, you’re offering tangible assistance to equip Ukrainians on the ground."

-Captive Audience

If you’ve seen the horrors that the Ukranian people have delt with since the invasion, you know that this is an urgent mission. Your help is needed.


You can directly benefit AND support the mission by delegating your ADA (ADA is the native Cardano network token) with our 4WARD pool. You will not only be helping the pool earn rewards, you will also be earning compounding ADA rewards. The typical average yearly return from delegation is 4.33%, which is paid in ADA. So your delegation will not only help support Captive Audience but you will also get rewarded.

Once you delegate, you can easily delegate more by buying more ADA at an exchange and then sending it to your same wallet.


If you don’t already own any ADA, you can help by first buying ADA at exchanges like Coinbase Pro, Coinbase,, and/or

Once your deposit clears and you are holding ADA, you can transfer your ADA to a Cardano Wallet like Yoroi or Eternl/ccvault and then delegate from your wallet.

If you want a little more information before buying ADA, check out our Getting Started Buying Crypto guide and then read the Staking Guide.


As with investment in any cryptocurrency (or stocks, or any other investment), there are risks in regards to the price action. What helps mitigate that risk is the ability to send your ADA from your wallet to an exchange to sell it at any time. When you delegate, your ADA is never locked, it’s never at risk of slashing, and you never lose control over it.


In addition to the freedom offered during staking, the Cardano network has taken a methodical approach to development. Development has been “slow”, but the foundation for the technology is solid. Because of that and some recent capability upgrades, there has been an influx of bullish news for the ecosystem in 2022.

Here is a collection of articles which help paint the technological and investment landscape for Cardano in 2022 and beyond.

(For full disclosure, we have been invested in ADA since early 2021. The provided information is not financial advice. Do your own research, and make an educated decision as to whether ADA is right for you.)


We know that there are bad actors in the world that simply want to make a profit on other people’s misfortunes and horrors. Captive Audience is not one of them. I firmly believe in the people behind Captive Audience (starting at the top with Billy and Check). If you ever met them, you would know that they are a wealth of information and that they truly do care about other people.

We also know that there are a lot of options in regards to choosing a stake pool. You can get all kinds of alt coins depending on where you stake. (In fact, there are alt coins you can claim through Vending Machine by delegating with us.)

Ultimately though, life is more than just Cardano.. more than crypto.. Many of us want to see positive change in this world, but we forget that the fastest way to make that change, is to be the change ourselves. Make your Cardano investment about more than your return. Make it mean something in someone else’s life.

This is your opportunity to be that change.

All donations to Captive Audience can be tracked here.


Please contact us if you have questions or if you would like additional information regarding the 4WARD pool.

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