March Update: Donations, Freeloaderz, and Captive Audience

News Date: 2022-04-10 00:00:00 +0000

We have been incredibly busy during March (hence the late March update!), but it was a great month for our ADA for Warriors pool. We minted 3 blocks (2 of which were paid out in March), we joined a Freeloaderz project, and we added Captive Audience (CA) as a new mission to support.

Donation Updates

We had incredible luck in March. We minted blocks during epochs 325, 326, and 329. Blocks 325 and 326 were paid out in March (329 was paid out in April and will be included in our April donations). This resulted in 697.641 ADA in operator rewards of which, ~349 ADA (worth $406.91) was donated to the Third Option Foundation. That brings our 2022 total donation to the Third Option Foundation to $572.63.

If you are a delegator with us, you helped make this happen. We can’t thank you enough for being a part of our mission!

Freeloaderz Update

In March, we joined the SmartClaimz project that Freeloaderz is working on. It’s initial purpose will be for users to be able to claim any alt tokens from the supported Cardano pool they are delegated to. The site will keep track of a user’s claim history as well. We’ve been working really hard to get an initial capability on the testnet by May 1st.

This really is a fantastic group to be involved with. It’s full of people from around the world who are knowledgable on Cardano tech and what’s happening in the space. Being remote does create it’s own challenges for development, but we’ve been successfully leveraging Miro, Freeloaderz’ Discord server, and Twitter Spaces for collaboration.

Steve Fisher, our CEO, is working on the front end of the project (Angular). If anyone wants to track the front end development, it is available on Freeloaderz’ Github.

Captive Audience

We currently donate 50% of our operator rewards to the Third Option Foundation (read more about that here).

We love Cardano and we want to build our pledge from our rewards, but we feel that helping to change people’s lives for the better is worth way more than any ADA in our wallet.

We started talking with Captive Audience in March. We met the CEO and COO of CA a little over a year ago at Kore Krav Maga. Captive Audience provides security, travel, self-defense, firearms, and survival courses designed to develop the skills needed to maintain situational awareness and survive in kidnapping, extortion, active shooter, natural disaster, and crisis situations at home and abroad.

Multiple requests for their assistance have been coming in since Russia invaded Ukraine. In response to these requests, they started #OperationCaffeinatedVikings.

To quote their website:

"The Russian invasion into Ukraine has seen countless lives turned upside down overnight, with attacks on evacuating civilians and reports of vital lifelines to refugees, families, and children cut off. In the past two weeks, the Captive Audience team has received requests from Ukrainians to evacuate a 2-week-old starving baby who was without food or water for 30 hours. Another request came to help excavate 200 Christians trapped in the basement of a burning church, after a rocket demolished the church building above them.

These are just two examples of many amidst the worst humanitarian crisis Europe has seen since World War II. The scale of the Ukrainian crisis can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to know how to help.

Captive Audience is an organization with deep ancestral ties to Ukraine and has worked closely with towns, churches, synagogues, UN/EU missions, missionaries, orphanages, and other community groups to provide humanitarian aid in Ukraine and other parts of the region since 2009.

We have been directly requested by several of those same communities to provide boots-on-the-ground emergency aid and training in emergency response skills. But we need your help to get there.

By supporting Captive Audience, you’re offering tangible assistance to equip Ukrainians on the ground."

-Captive Audience

Their mission moved us to add them to our pool mission. Going forward, we will donate 25% of our operator rewards to their cause, (bringing our total donations to 75% of all our operator rewards).

We were given copies of Captive Audience’s Prevention Training and Recovery Team’s 365 Days of Survival book. If you are one of our current delegators or you are a new delegator with us and you want a copy of the book, please reach out to us via email at or through telegram. We’ll need your staking key and an address to send the book to. (Feel free to use a virtual PO Box or something similar as your address instead of your home address.) We’ll send you a copy of the book free of charge as a thank you for helping support ADA for Warriors and our missions.


Next Month

April should be just about as busy as March, but we are excited about how things are shaping up.

The goal for the Freeloaderz project is to have it deployed for testing on the testnet in May. A lot of work has already been completed, but we do need some additional development before we can hit that goal. If you are interested in helping with the project, or you just want to learn more, please visit the Freeloaderz website and join their Discord server.

With one block already paid out in April (epoch 329), the current April donations would be 170 ADA to TOF and 85 ADA to CA. Hopefully we’ll get a couple more blocks this month to build on those donations. You can track the donations for these missions on their respective donation pages:

Thank you delegators for helping this all be possible, and thank you Captive Audience for working with us to help support your mission!

As always, if you have any questions or want more information about any of this, please contact us using our email or one of our social media accounts. Thank you!


Please contact us if you have questions or if you would like additional information regarding the 4WARD pool.

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