SmartClaimz Mainnet release and 500 Rising/CA updates

News Date: 2022-09-18 00:00:00 +0000

We’ve been busy (like usual!) these last two months! Our big news is that SmartClaimz has finally been released to the Cardano Mainnet! We’re wicked excited about that since it’s our first Mainnet contribution to Cardano. Along with that, we have some big updates from 500 Rising and Captive Audience as well!


The big news is that SmartClaimz has been released to the Cardano Mainnet! It’s been in the works since March of this year.

So, what is SmartClaimz you ask? SmartClaimz is a novel reward distribution platform that aims to be the premier token claiming Web3 dApp for end users. Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), token projects, NFT projects, video game projects, and more will be able to offer their tokens through SmartClaimz to their users.

To speed up the transactions, SmartClaimz submits them to the FreeLoaderz Load Balancers. The Load Balancers pass the transaction to Cardano Submit API enabled Relays. Each of these Relays are run by members of the FreeLoaderz Coalition.

Within SmartClaimz, your rewards will accumulate each epoch. Your rewards don’t expire unlike some other platforms. That means you can claim your rewards when you want to while also saving on transaction fees! Win-win for the Cardano community!

If you are a project that wants to list their token on SmartClaimz, join our Discord and tell us about it!


FreeLoaderz PSPO

With the SmartClaimz Mainnet release, we also have the Freeloaderz PSPO. Delegate to any of the below participating stake pools (minimum 150 ADA), wait 2 epochs, then head to and claim $FLZ! The PSPO will run from September 1st through December or until all of the allocated 7.5 million $FLZ have been claimed.

You can find all of these pools on the SmartClaimz site. Just connect your wallet, open the Explore menu and select Pools! You can read a little bit about each of the pools and decide which one is right for you!

Freeloaderz PSPO

500 Rising

500 Rising recently completed a Level 1 “Instructional Foundations in Women’s Self-Defense” class in the UK (weekend of Sept 3rd/4th). There were about 17 students for the class and it went really well!

Some of the participants run their own training centers and offered some reflections on the class they had just taken.

500 Rising is really doing fantastic work to help educate and enable women (and men!) against the stubborn statistics of violence against women. You can help further the cause by shopping at their Etsy shop or contacting them directly for donation information. (500 Rising is a registered 501c nonprofit organization)

Connect with the 500 Rising Facebook page to follow all of their latest news and information!

Captive Audience (CA)

We’ve received a bunch of photos that show just how many people Cative Audience has helped escape the war in Ukraine. It’s unfathomable for most of us to understand what these people have been through. We can watch the news and the social media videos, but it’s never the same as if it’s you and your family that are being affected. I love what CA is doing and I’m grateful to know the people behind it.

Here are some of the photos that have been shared. They are all bunched together, but there are several categories for the photos. Some photos show the situation in Ukraine and some show the aid CA has been providing. The happy photos are from people that CA got out of the country and resettled safely in France.

If you would like to support Captive Audience and their mission with Ukraine, please visit Operation Caffeinated Vikings.

Donation Updates

We did make a donation to Captive Audience on Sept 18th. We are holding the 500 Rising and Third Option Foundation donations in the hopes that the price of ADA gets over $.60/$.70 sometime soon. We’ll see where the market is at over the next month or so and share any updates regarding these donations.

Thank you to all of our delegates who help make this all possible!


Please contact us if you have questions or if you would like additional information regarding the 4WARD pool.

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